Click to Call Service For Your Website

Adding click to call to your website is a smart choice for website designers and owners looking to increase the number of sales coming from website visitors.

Web visitors have the choice of calling you from your website using the microphone and speakers in their computer or asking you to call them back immediately on their telephone. It's faster than picking up a phone and calling you. Your customers don't get frustrated by an auto attendant, company directory or call transfer. Their call is delivered directly to the right person at your company at the right time. Your prospects and customers will love it.

How It Works

Why It Works


Click to Call is a proven sales generator
  • 70%
    Improvement in conversion rate of web visitors into customers
  • 45%
    Increase in online revenue
  • 22%
    Reduction in website abandonment
  • 95%
    Increase in conversion rate vs. a toll-free number
  • 88%
    Click to Call users say they are more likely to contact company that offers Click to Call
  • 34%
    Customers would like to see Click to Call on a website
  • 93%
    Shoppers see real-time help as useful when shopping online
  • 51%
    Shopper will give up immediately or try only once when seeking help online pre-purchase


Click to Call provides higher quality customer service
  • 82%
    Believe getting their issue resolved quickly is key to online satisfaction
  • 50%
    Reduction in customer churn
  • 83%
    Admit they need some kind of support during their online journey
  • 71%
    Expect to be able to access help online within 5 minutes
  • 31%
    Expect help immediately


Click to Call delivers key information about your visitor before you connect
VisitorIQTM helps to maximize the value of customer interactions by displaying key information about a web visitor at the instant the interaction is delivered to the right person. This enables immediate relevant responses to the web visitor and opens up tremendous tracking capabilities. VisitorIQ reports make it possible to track online campaigns, banner advertising and site performance on a page-by-page basis not only periodically, but in real time as desired.


Teledini's DecisionEnginetm routes click to call interactions to the right person at the right time
Calls can be routed to specific groups of people by product, service, page and time of day. Sales and service people can take calls on office and mobile phones, in a contact center, on Teledini's Firefox add-on, on Teledini's Agent Portal available on any device that supports a Chrome or Firefox browser, and on Teledini's free iPad app available in the Apple App Store.
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