Configuration & Training

Our professionals will setup Teledini for you and train your staff.

We manage every step of the process

  • Build as many EngagementWindows as your company needs.
  • Onboard all of your employees and set up your routing teams.
  • Train every employee, either on-site or virtually (your choice).
  • Fully introduce Teledini to your IT staff (in-house or external).


Integrate Teledini with your web site
We will coordinate with your marketing, sales, customer service and IT teams to place every button on your site.
  • Consult with your marketing team to design as many EngagementButton layouts (colors and captions) as you need.
  • Work with your sales managers to decide which channels to include in each sales-focused EngagementWindow.
  • Configure additional EngagementWindows in conjunction with your customer service leaders.


Bring every front-line employee on-board
We will make sure sales, service and tech resources are all fully trained.
  • Create Teledini user accounts for every employee.
  • Set up appropriate routing teams and "hours of availability."
  • Lead on-site or virtual training sessions (your choice) for all sales and service staff members.
  • Teach your IT team (in-house or external) to manage all aspects of Teledini.
The Teledini Services team will oversee the process
to place buttons throughout your company's site

For more information

  • Contact the Teledini Services Team (TST) using our button on the right edge of this page.