Customization & Consultation

Tailor Teledini interfaces and routing to further integrate with your existing systems.

Customize all aspects of your EngagementButtons and EngagementWindows, including channels colors and messaging
Query your internal systems to give your employees access to internal information the moment they answer an interaction

Customize Your Look

  • You can decide how every panel of each EngagementWindow will look.
  • Based on your unique needs, you can include any or all of the Teledini communication channels.
  • Integrate the look-and-feel more tightly with color schemes, logos and images, button styles and messaging.
  • Our designers (or your internal or external IT group) can incorporate Teledini functionality into any web graphical scheme.

Leverage Your Internal Data Systems

  • Tightly integrate Teledini with your existing systems to display valuable data to your employees each time a vistor opens a communication.
  • Tap your product or customer database to close more sales.
  • Maximize the value of every interation in any context - sales, customer service or internal.

For more information

  • Contact the Teledini Services Team (TST) using our button on the right edge of this page.