Sophisticated routing connects your web visitors to the right person at the right time.

Powerful Routing Capabilities


You may add individual users, telephone numbers or SIP addresses to your company. Together, these 3 groups are your members.
  • Individual users can have multiple numbers and are empowered to manage their own devices.
  • Phone numbers don't have to be tied to any particular individual. For example, add your company's main number.
  • SIP addresses allow you to ring VoIP phones and contact centers.


Routing Teams
You can group your members into routing teams so that you never miss an interaction.
  • Each EngagementButtonTM you create will contact a particular routing team.
  • A routing team can have a single member, all your members, or just some of them.
  • You can have as many routing teams as you want.
  • You decide when (days and times) each team is available.
  • There are numerous additional options, such as how to rollover calls that aren't answered or where to send calls after hours.


Engagement Buttons
You can have as many unique EngagementButtons as you need.
  • Each EngagementButton will open an EngagementWindow.
  • For each button, you decide which communication channels to offer your web visitors.
  • You can use a button on as many pages as you'd like. For example, have a standard button on every page. Or, have some buttons contact your sales team while otherss go to customer service.
  • You have full control over the colors and text of your EngagementButton, and you decide where on the page each button should appear.

Multiple Ways to Answer Interactions