Multi-Channel EngagementWindowTM

Replace your outdated and ineffective "Contact Us" page.

  • Offer your web visitors numerous ways to connect with you.
  • Place a unique sleek EngagementWindow on each page.
  • Quick and easy setup in less than 20 minutes.

Free Channels


Web visitors can send an instant message to your company, which will delivered to any email address you specify.


About Us
Your company's contact information and location mapping are integrated into the EngagementWindow.


Social Linking
Quick link icons connect your visitors instantly with your company's social networking presence.

Paid Channels

When the customizable engagement button is clicked,
the multi-channel engagement window slides out
  • As a page is loaded, the EngagementButton appears in the location you specify (in the example above, the button is gray with a red icon).
  • When a web visitor clicks the EngagementButton, the black EngagementWindow slides out.
  • To see the sliding EngagementWindow in action, click our "Contact Us" EngagementButton on the right edge of this page (gray button with a blue icon).

Fully Customizable

  • You decide where on the page the EngagementButton should appear, choosing from 8 possible locations.
  • You have full control over the colors and text of your button, both when the EngagementWindow is "closed" and "open."
  • You select which communication channels to include.
  • You may design as many EngagementButtons as you want, and each button can be placed on as many pages as you'd like.
  • With DecisionEngine, you determine which people in your company get notified when a web visitor clicks each button.