Teledini Pricing

No setup fees. No monthly committment. No agent limitations.
Teledini makes pricing simple.

Replace your antiquated and ineffective "contact us" page.

  • FREE
  • No Credit Card
  • All Accounts Get:
    • Feedback
    • Social Linking
    • About Us
    • Real-Time Web Visitors Report
    • Customizable EnagementWindowTM
    • Easy & Free Setup
  • Sign-up
  • PAID
  • $10 Free Credits
  • For 25¢ - 75¢ per Interaction Add:
    • Live Chat
    • Click to Call
    • Video+ChatTM
    • Sophisticated Routing
    • AgentPortal & VisitorIQTM
    • Unlimited Agents
  • Free Trial

Only Pay When You're Connected to a Customer.


  • If you'd like to offer your web visitors one or more of Teledini's paid channels (Talk, Chat, Video), you fund your Teledini account with a credit card. Your card will be charged $50.
  • When your balance drops below $1, Teledini will replenish your account by charging your card $50.
  • Each paid interaction (whether it is Talk, Chat or Video) is priced the same.
  • The per-interaction price declines the more you use Teledini. Over the lifetime of your account, here's how your per-interaction pricing evolves:

Answering Voice Calls

  • Voice calls answered via the Firefox Add-On, the iPad app or an IP PBX have no additional charges other than the per-interaction price.
  • Voice calls answered via the traditional phone system (such as home or cell phones) have a connection charge of 25¢ per 30 minutes in addition to the per-interaction price. This allows Teledini to connect your Click to Talk incoming voice calls to the traditional nationwide PSTN system.