Video+Chat Service For Your Website

Adding Video+Chat to your website is a differentiator for website designers and owners looking to increase sales from and customer satisfaction of their website visitors.

Web visitors on your site can instantly initiate a live Video+Chat with your business. It's a great way to get questions about your products and services answered instantly. Your customers won't get frustrated calling your company and finding themselves navigating through an auto-attendant or company directory. Video+Chats are delivered directly to the right person in your company at the right time. Your company will stand out from your competition.

How It Works

Why It Works


Video+Chat can drive sales and customer satisfaction
Would like more choice in how they contact online brands
Customers asking for live video chat today
Shoppers see real-time help as useful when shopping online
Shoppers will give up immediately or try only once when seeking help online pre-purchase
Believe getting their issue resolved quickly is key to online satisfaction
Admit they need some kind of support during their online journey
Expect to be able to access help online within 5 minutes
Expect help immediately


Video+Chat creates new possibilities for your business
Teledini's video+chat builds personal rapport more effectively than any other channel. Whether you use it for sales or service being able to see a problem or demonstrate a product or service is invaluable. A picture is worth a thousand words. Many companies use video+chat internally to conduct interviews or launch impromptu meetings.


Video+Chat delivers key information about your visitor before you engage
VisitorIQTM helps to maximize the value of customer interactions by displaying key information about your web visitor at the instant the Video+Chat is delivered to the right person in your organization. This enables immediate relevant responses to the web visitor and opens up tremendous tracking capabilities. VisitorIQTM reports make it possible to track online campaigns, banner advertising and site performance on a page-by-page basis not only periodically, but in real time as desired.
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