AgentPortalTM & VisitorIQTM

Receive valuable information about your web visitor before you answer.

Learn about your visitors in our ipad app (left) or our AgentPortaltm (right)
information on an incoming call using the free firefox add-on

Provides Relevant Data

  • VisitorIQ maximizes the value of customer interactions by displaying key information about a web visitor the instant they reach out to you.
  • VisitorIQ enables immediate relevant responses from your sales and service people to your web visitors.
  • See the exact geographic location of your web visitor.
  • See the URL and an image of the page on your website where your visitor clicked to communicate with you.
  • Get additional information including your visitor's IP address, browser and communication channel they chose.

Free Reports

  • VisitorIQ reports make it possible to track online campaigns, banner advertising and site performance on a page-by-page basis in real time.